Book 1: The Titan Strain

Sunbury Press, Releasing May 29, 2018

Cover design by  Riaan Wilmans

Cover design by Riaan Wilmans

A decade following the war that decimated America and crippled Europe, London is one of the few surviving cities. Though the city is rebuilding, it is a bleak, stratified place ruled by the fascist Libertas Party and filled with mods, humans illegally experimenting with genetic modification.

This is Liane’s world. A genetically advanced assassin trained from childhood, she is owned by a secret government organization called the Agency and controlled by her ruthless Handler, Damian. Beautiful, intelligent, and deadly, Liane appears to be the perfect Agent. Secretly, though, she longs for freedom.

When she impulsively saves the life of a young police officer named Seth, she finds herself drawn into his efforts to solve the murders of mods within the city. Their investigations take them into the dark, dangerous realm of black markets, conspiracies, and the hunt for the perfect modification, known as the Titan Strain. But the closer they come to finding the killers, the more dangerous the hunt for the truth becomes.

Genetics Chronicles will be available as a trade paperback and ebook through Sunbury Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers May 29, 2018.